Digital solutions for resilient and circular supply chains


Our product is a B2B digital platform offering collaborative services for publishing digital catalogues of raw materials, product parts and components, goods and services, and enabling further cross-border and cross-value chain collaboration and supply chain management. The platform services support matchmaking and B2B negotiation processes. An excerpt of the platform functionality is shown below.

To direct the scarce resources where they are best utilised, we develop advance decision support solutions as platform add-on services. By using Earth Observation satellite data and GIS, we create platform services supporting sustainable and resilient decisions and applications for raw materials, renewable energy, electronics, digital. 


These services leverage the use of Copernicus services and Earth Observation satellite data, to improve the accuracy of supply chain information and decisions related to primary and secondary raw materials. The services target three customer segments:

  • Raw materials suppliers, including countries from which these materials are imported to the EU
  • Demands coming from industrial sectors, including original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, retail
  • Logistic contractors, forwarders, connectors

These services identify supply chain risks related to extraction and processing of raw materials, and relevant logistics. Based on territorial net environmental impacts calculated from the Copernicus dataspace and other ancillary data sources, the platform services inform about sustainability and resilience indicators related to the raw materials extraction, processing and transportation phases. These information enrich the companies’ life cycle analytics, thus enabling more accurate and automated sustainable reporting and Digital Twins for supply chain (re-)planning and improvement. 


Photovoltaic Monitoring and Decision Support Services 

The core functionalities of the Earth Observation (EO)-based PV Monitoring and Decision Support Service include:

  • automated EO monitoring of rooftop PV cells in a chosen area, 
  • coherent territorial information on PV potential that is further compared with official regional energy studies, and
  • tailored Decision Support System and analytics dashboards. 

Wind Farm Monitoring Services and Analytics Dashboards

The core functionalities of the EO-based Wind Farm solution include:

  • automated EO identification and monitoring of a wind farm,
  • coherent territorial information on wind farm potential that is compared with official local (or regional) wind renewable energy studies, and
  • analytics dashboards.  

recent collaborations

SURE 5.0 (Supporting the SMEs Sustainaibility and Resilience Transition Towards Industry 5.0 in the Mobility, Transport & Automotive, Aerospace & Electronics Ecosystems). We won € 20K  grant for a 6 month acceleration programme: SURE5.0 Acceleration Programme Contract No. 2015753

SURE 5.0 (Supporting the SMEs Sustainaibility and Resilience Transition Towards Industry 5.0 in the Mobility, Transport & Automotive, Aerospace & Electronics Ecosystems). EC Grant agreement ID: 101057369 We received services in the value of € 10K for the assessment of our Industry 5.0 readiness.

 C-SCALE (Copernicus EOSC* Analytics Engine) *EOSC (European Open Science Cloud). EC Grant agreement ID: 101017529 We received a cloud and HTC/ HPC (High Throughput Computing / High Performance Computing) support from the C-SCALE federation.

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